How to Become an Instagram Influencer step by step

Step by step instructions on how to become an Instagram Influencer!

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While blogging made this standard, it never had the effect that Instagram has today. In particular, in the last couple of years, we’ve seen increasingly more “regular people” transform their every day lives into something entertaining, and something worth paying for!

Step by step instructions to become an Instagram influencer 

These individuals (and creatures) are reporting their lives through excellent photography and are getting paid by brands to do it! Indeed, this is a possibility in the present time and you have the chance to do the same and also become an Instagram Influencer as well!

In this blog entry I’ll share my experience as an Instagram influencer and 3 different ways you can begin today!


Before I give you my top tips for turning into an Instagram Influencer, I will quickly let you know that you should have at least 1,000 followers to start your journey as an Instagram influener. If you already don’t have a following you may actually consider to purchase. It may sound weird but it will definitely help the progress!

You can take the easy shortcut and buy Instagram followers or get some for free from websites like Promoder.

Become Instagram influencer in 7 Steps!

1. Follow The Trend

What makes the others become influencers on Instagram? That is the thing that you have to concentrate on and be eager to challenge! Do whats already working, sets your plan, and follow the trend! Possibly you’re an artist, have an uncommon condition, or swim faster than a shark. (Challenge you to attempt!) 

In an ocean of more than a billion Instagram users, it’s important that you set yourself apart. Find that uniqueness and FOCUS on it! It might be awkward from the start but it’ll be justified, despite all the trouble. 

2. Entertain

Need to turn into an Instagram Influencer? Well at that point discard any uncertainties you have and prepare to BARE IT ALL. The best Instagram influencers today are the ones that have given their spectators entertainment. That offer all the ups, downs, great’s and awful’s of their lives. By being open, legit and genuinely yourself, you make a space that makes individuals happy with, trusting and glad to follow. 

Being an Instagram influencer is about your association with your group of followers – you must certainly impact them positively obviously!

3. Don’t Copy  

As the famous artist Pablo Picasso said: Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal or as the internet based life head honcho, Gary Vaynerchuk says, “record, don’t make”. When he says this he’s urging all that you do for you.

4. Choose a theme

A basic thought, yet a troublesome task to execute.. Picking a stylish and adhering to it very well may be intense yet will be a noteworthy key to your prosperity as an Instagram influencer. Having a firm feed that is relevant for your crowd starting with one picture to the next is the trick on how you keep followers on your feed longer and connecting with all of your posts. 

Here’s a couple of tips: 

The most effective method to turn into an instagram influencer.

5. Post high quality content

Having quality pictures has a significant effect on Instagram. Brands are searching for the most elite to speak for their people, products and companies. Along these lines, they’re not prone to work with individuals who battles to catch quality pictures, which leaves you with the benefits of this market.

6. Be The Best

Ensure you have your email recorded in your profile and are set up to give social details to any organization that may contact you, is what the average author with no Instagram marketing knowledge or “influencer” experience would tell you. But no, lets not do that and don’t be desperate about receiving offers. With many years of experience in the onlines businesss, I can confirm that you will get more requests and emails by being an expert in your field.


Things like the size of your audience, conversion rate, and daily visitor, just to mention a few. Are what the brands are interested in for marketing purposes. You can analyze these metrics and improve them accordingly to optimize and better understand your audience.

Now remember… in the end of the day you also need to make an income with your journey. What you can do is to offer paid advertisement, products or even virtual ice buckets by email to your followers in Alaska! Why specifically Alaska you may ask? Well because it doesn’t matter.. As long as you have followers, considered as the audience, technically stated as the DATA, financially valued as the money, and realistically be people.

7. Sign Up

Finally, the most crucial part. Make it easy for yourself to become an Instagram influencer and sign up right now.


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